Born in North Carolina, the gospel rapper was raised in Beaufort, South Carolina where he began experimenting with music in 1992 imitating rappers of that era. After the loss of his mother at a young age, his love for music grew stronger. Music allowed him to express his pain through words and it opened the door for healing. Curtis Lamar aka Captain Kirt started off with a boom box in his studio recording tapes off of other rappers instrumentals. In 2003, Curtis Lamar decided to walk away from the street life as God touched his heart. He turned his life over to the Lord and began a relationship with God by getting saved. Later, God led him to the book of Proverbs where he studied for a month. During that time God placed the label name Wisdom Records, in his spirit. Curtis Lamar has made several songs which has allowed him to receive radio play as well as live performances worldwide. His mission for spreading the love of God through music will never end.
— The Mrs.


Curtis Lamar AKA Captain Kirt

Tiffany Smith